Shuffle Roulette's album art

17: Shuffle Roulette

What are we discussing this time? Who knows! Join Marc & Michael as they click the “Shuffle” button and let fate decide.


Shuffle Results (Spoilers!)

  1. Marc: “Michicant”, off Bon Ivers’ self-titled
  2. Michael: “Empty Room”, off Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs
  3. Marc: “Who Can I Turn To?”, off Tony Bennett & Bill Evans’ Together Again
  4. Michael: “Won’t Want for Love (Margaret In the Taiga”, off The Decemberists’ Hazards of Love
  5. Marc: “I Want To Tell You”, off The Beatles’ Revolver
  6. Michael: “Quiet Air / Gioia”, off ~Robin Pecknolds’ solo album~ Fleet Foxes’ Shore
  7. Marc: “Wake Up Sunshine”, off Chicago’s Chicago II
  8. Michael: “Blue Ridge Bazaar”, off River Valley Rangers’ Wide Open
  9. Marc: “It Was A Pleasure Then”, off Niko’s Chelsea Girl
  10. Michael: “This Changes Everything”, off The Last Bison’s Dorado EP