Albums are the movies and books of sound. With just music and album art as their tools, artists manage to capture our hearts and minds with a seemingly endless breadth of experiences. It can be whisking us away to dream like places of adventure, guiding us through character driven emotional journeys of the human spirit, sonically painting grand operas of time and space, and everything in between. The Barrowclift siblings Marc, Michael, and Aimee have set out to reflect on both the good and bad albums of their past and highlight brand new ones along the way. Plug in, start Track 1, and let's listen to albums again.

Photo of Marc Barrowclift


When not obsessing over music he can be found working feverishly on tech-related side projects, playing board and role playing games with friends, or being overly particular about coffee. You can peruse his other projects and writings at his site, barrowclift.design.

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In addition to music, his other passions are the great outdoors and engineering. On weekends, you can typically find him on a boat trying his hand at fishing or attempting to throw the perfect wall of water. Known for accidentally arriving at the twelfth plane of torment on his way to the kitchen, saying "sig figs" at inappropriate times, and generally not being a clever man.

Photo of Michael Barrowclift


When she's not tackling projects for a large multi-national consulting firm, you'll find her running absurd distances for fun, scheming with her husband about the next big trip, or writing for her storytelling blog, To The Full List. Talk to her about being a military wife, Stephen King books, or how to make guacamole the right way.